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Artann's History

The logo is a tribute to my family and my heritage. My grand parents came from Lebanon, coming through Ellis Island.

The name is both my Dad's and Mom's name.

The red and green are the colors of the Lebanese flag. The five dots represent the five children in the family.

   I was working a night job and looking for a way to have a second income. Friends told me to think about the farmers market. Knowing that I love to cook and bake it was something to think about.

   I was told to find a niche, I couldn't sell cakes cookies etc. it had to be different. So I thought, I've made pita bread but needed something to go with the bread? So hummus came to mind. So I started at a local farmers market selling pita bread and garlic hummus.

    My adventuresome customers at the time were daring and bought it even though I was trying to perfect the recipes and come up with different flavors of hummus. 

   I am happy to report I have been in business for three years and my customers at the farmers market are still coming back for the hummus and pita bread (lol)

The Logo